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Librarian Attempts to Revamp Stale Misconceptions with Contemporary Humor

Okay. In my last blog post, I attempted to summarize an already identified serious issue (riots in Libya regarding a Muhammad-trash-talking-video made in the USA) while simultaneously theorizing about the crisis in my own “voice”. I was attempting a professional approach, because unlike so many bloggers out there, I care about more than just a “omg this article totally blows” approach. But I think that the line between writing with your own “voice” and trying to write with a professional touch is very fine. I feel that it’s my duty to write this disclaimer of sorts, because in this post I’ll be stooping to the level of lesser bloggers in order to try to nail that perfect “voice”. In this post, I plan on talking about an article that attempts to redefine old stigmas that most people (I guess) carry about librarians, of all things.

Jessamyn West, a somewhat witty librarian from Rural Vermont, wrote an article (that  suspiciously resembled a blog post, ironically) about common misconceptions that people might have about not just librarians, but libraries in general. I thought that I would identify the most with this article because I absolutely LOVE to read, and I’ve always loved visiting the Stillwater Public Library, as well as Edmon Low here on campus. The article lists ten almost-relevant arguments about librarians and libraries; these topics all have one common redeeming quality: they’re interesting and funny. I thought the most interesting topic discussed in this article was the issue of public library funding, an issue that’s garnered attention lately due to budget cuts. This is an issue that not many tend to think of, I believe. We sort of just expect public libraries to exist because that’s the way its been for a very long time; very seldom do we think about who and what pays for such commodities.

So I guess it’s safe to say that I, for the most part, enjoyed West’s article. There were, however, irrelevant points to her article. Most unimpressive, the opening numbered-topic of her article was weak and seemed misplaced. “It is almost impossible for you to make a library play on words that has not been done a million times before, even something that sounds contemporary like riffing off of “adult graphic novels”. Maybe it’s because I love libraries and don’t carry any misconceptions toward librarians, but I wouldn’t make lame jokes about librarians when writing about budget cuts. I find it hard to believe anyone else would, either. But that just might be a hang-up of sorts that this particular librarian has. I will also mention that, while interesting and humorous, the writing was at times choppy and random. Regardless of the speed bumps, West did an okay job at portraying stale topics with a somewhat interesting sense of humor.


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4 thoughts on “Librarian Attempts to Revamp Stale Misconceptions with Contemporary Humor

  1. Thanks! It’s tough to please everyone and my goal was mostly to get some information across without pissing a bunch of people off. Also, I’m from Vermont but I think a lot of rural places are very similar.

  2. Reece Van Haaften on said:

    I like the part where you put your opinion about how the article was unimpressive. It put a different spin on the blog.

  3. Your writing always motivates me to work on mine! Grammar lessons? haha

  4. You are an amazing writer. so witty.

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